In late July I had the opportunity to explore Noss using my new boat and took my partner Angéla with me to visit one of Shetland's and the North Atlantic's most important seabird colonies. As we approached the sight we were both in awe of the teaming birds that can be found soaring around and perched high on the cliffs, with spectacular scenes of Solans folding their wings while diving into the sea to catch fish. The sounds of all the birds nesting on the narrow cliff edges is incredible and has to be heard and seen in person to truly appreciate it. It reminded me of a part of the story in Granny Linda and the Lighthouse which is a children's story created by Jonathan Wills which I helped to print for Jonathan while working for Shetland Amenity Trust.

Noss Is simply a breath taking experience and one that can also be achieved by jumping onboard the excellent 4 star tour with Sea birds and seals which sets sail from Lerwick harbour 7 days a week during the summer.