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Who are we?

My name is Andrew and this is my fiancé Angéla.
I have lived here most of my life and met Angéla over 7 years ago. We both have a shared passion for exploring Shetland and recently decided to document our travels, experiences and events for fun, and also to help others find great places to visit and see while here in Shetland.


Angéla has lived and worked in Shetland for over 8 years. Originally from Hungary she was brought up on a country farm and appreciates a way of life that puts great value on outdoor living and traditional values. Her new found love of photograpghy inspires her to capture Shetland at its most interesting.
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Andrew has lived in shetland most of his life. With a career in publishing and media production he is happy behind a lens and still gets excited when discovering new places. He would like to inspire people to come and visit Shetland and discover why its such an amazing place to live and work.