East Burra

When planning where to go in Shetland it is always best to check the weather forecast. The weather can change dramatically, sometimes you can experience all four seasons on the same day!Check the metoffice forecast first and then plan what is the best time of day to go when there is a window of good weather over several hours. We headed for Burra, which has many great spots. (We will visit some of the more well known tourist spots later). For now we wanted to explore the coastline around East Burra.

The weather can change dramatically, sometimes you can experience all four seasons in the same day!
Andrew & Angéla

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Parking the car at Skeo hill, we headed off to the Ward of Symbister, on the left were great views across to the steep banks of Holm Field and Royl Dale. A salmon farm can be seen across the water and the view stretches out as far as the eye can see down to Sumburgh with dramatic moody skies in the distance. As we headed down the coast a lobster boat was busy loading and unloading creels and we stopped for some lunch and coffee.Walking around the other side of the coast we headed up to the highest point for spectacular views back to both east and west Burra. Travelling back we came across this amazing coastline path and continued to the west watching seals playing and bathing on the rocks while birds skimmed over the waterline.

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Here is the parking location on google maps to use as your starting location. I have also included a map below which indicates two different walking routes depending on the weather and length of spare time you have. The longer route will require at least 4 hours walking time to complete.

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Burra tourist attractions

The Shetland pony Experience. - Get up close and personal with Shetland ponies.

Horses and Houlls. - Riding lessons and horse trekking.

Burra Bears - Workshop for the well loved Burra Bears.